Yo, I don't even remotely care about your opinions on these nonnative "Trooper" pants because they have a reinforced crotch/seat gusset. I don't lead a lifestyle that could serve as a catalyst to a catastrophic crotch blowout, but I like the completely unnecessay added peace of mind. It's kinda like why I want a bulletproof vest. Like, DUH, I don't live a dangerous lifestyle at all, but that Kevlar and ceramic would totally help me sleep at night, nah mean? Also, do you guys realize how cool 50 Cent looked when he would perform in a bulletproof vest? SO FUCKING COOL, GUYS. Catch me at Lincoln Center sitting 35th row in a bulletproof vest, weird nonnative cargo pants and a rare hemlined the fuck out tee. And Lugz. I feel like Lugz really compliment a bulletproof vest centric fit.