As controversial as being a Playboy Bunny may have been, it's a position many women would have killed for, since there's clearly a certain degree of prestige that comes with being regarded as a sex symbol. While Playboy is known for prizing the young and beautiful, it does not leave much room for those who have aged out of the occupation. Typically, we associate anything Playboy with beautiful, young women and budding sexuality, but what about former Playboy Bunnies in the days after their prime?

For a look at what these women look like today, renowned photographer Robyn Twomey stopped by the Former Playboy Bunny Reunion. She returned with some stunning shots of self-confident, badass women. Upon a closer observation, however, a touch of vulnerability is also evident in the photos. In some photos, for instance, the women have averted their eyes from the camera, perhaps conveying a feeling of anxiety over becoming older. Some even smile bashfully. The photos are fascinating because they reveal the ephemeral quality of the women's former industry and life itself. Click through to see the rest of Twomey's striking portraits. 

[via BeautifulDecay]

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