Life as a New Yorker can be exhausting and alienating. The MTA will screw you over every chance it gets, and it seems like everyone (even the pigeons) in the city are on some kind of mission. Therefore, it's refreshing to come across artists from New York like Rebecca Mock, who's created some charming, slow-moving GIFs for the rest of the world to enjoy.

The Brooklyn-based illustrator has done beautiful illustrations for The New York Times, The Walrus magazine, and the Nautilus Online, just to name a few. Most recently, however, she's gotten a lot of attention for her animated illustrations. By tweaking still life pieces with a bit of motion graphics, Mock reminds viewers it's the little things in life that matter. Things like ball games and long bus rides are good for the soul. Check out more of the artists' works here

[via Hypebeast]

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