Done to Death Projects just announced a new book, Evel Comes to Cooperville, which collects never seen before photos of Evel Knievel at the Oklahoma State Fair in 1972. Evidently, the grandson of the guy who had Evel come down to the state fair discovered a box of slides in his grandpa's attic. Obviously, most of us are too young to have ever witnessed Evel Knievel launch himself into an amazing stunt, but we have all seen our friend Bryan jump off his parents' roof or try and pop a wheelie off the curb that ended horribly. Maybe even some of us have smashed into parked cars and nutted ourselves in front of the whole neighborhood trying to bunny hop over a bunch of our sister's Barbie dolls. For the record, I cleared the Barbie dolls, just not my neighbor's Cutlass Supreme. Head on over to Done to Death Projects to buy this book and relive those times you murdered your nuts all in the name of stunts and glory.