Actually, it's called the Dick Tie, and it's pretty much exactly what you thought it was, unless you're into below-the-belt formalwear or other freaky menswear shit. The dong-shaped neckpiece is currently in the beginnings of its Kickstarter life, and if it raises enough funding, will come in three colors—pink, black, and a red floral pattern.

Interested? For a $30 contribution you can eventually own a Dick Tie of your own, assuming that you're the type of person who wants to own a tie that is shaped like a penis-head. And if you're still confused, allow the Kickstarter page to speak for itself.

"A necktie. An essential male-wardrobe accoutrements hanging from one's neck to express power, success, wealth, and domination over friend and foe alike." Simple enough.

"A phallus. The essential male organ hanging from one's midsection to express virility, strength, masculinity, sexuality, and the passing of valued genes to the next generation." Okay, that's a lot of words to describe a ding-a-ling.

"The Dicktie? A glorious combination of the two decidedly commanding objects to form the ultimate dangling participle. A tie with the raw sex appeal and representation of ascendancy to win you success in the bedroom and the boardroom."

No words...

[via Incredible Things]