If you’re looking for stylish backpacks with an aura of understated cool about them, look no further than Haerfest (pronounced “harvest”). Need Supply Co. recently picked up the New York City-based brand and caught up with founders Daniel and Tim Joo to speak about their new minimalist line of bags.

The bags are pretty straightforward in color (offered in black, navy blue, and red), but much of the focus is really put on the design aspect. “My inspiration was to create everyday basics with an emphasis on quality materials and subtle design details,” said Tim. The idea was to create bags that could easily transition from work to play and switch from formal to casual looks.

“In our eyes backpacks are ubiquitous. But at the same time, they are timeless and functional” said Daniel.

Included in the current collection are bags of all sizes, key chains, and wallet holders. Right now we’re really digging the F1 backpack. The soft canvas body, leather bottom panels, and antique brass hardware tell you the Too brothers really have an eye for detail.

Read the rest of the interview and purchase the products on the Need Supplly Co. website.