Besides the fact that Miss Van and Olek are both two revered female street artists, the longtime friends also share a fascination with the idea of concealment. In the past, the two have both toyed with the act of masking their subjects. For French-born artist Miss Van, hiding part of her signature characters' faces actually reveals something deeper about them. For Olek, however, she covers up her subjects in order to prompt viewers to wonder about the people beneath her yarn creations.

Next Friday, StolenSpace Gallery will put on works by Miss Van and Olek, which explore this motif in two, coinciding exhibitions entitled "Glamorous Darkness" and "Let's not get caught, let's keep going."

"Glamorous Darkness" will feature an entirely new selection of Miss Van's paintings. As you might expect, the works consist of her signature dolls, yet they all evoke a darker, more whimsical mood. They wear animal masks that make them seem more mysterious and sinister. 

Olek, on the other hand, will honor her fellow artist friend in the upcoming show. Famous for her crocheted works, Olek has remade some of Miss Van's favorite paintings in crochet form, as seen in the photo above. She will also deck the entire floor and ceiling of StolenSpace in her signature medium. As for the unusual title of her exhibition? It actually comes from a Thelma & Louis quote that reminds Olek of her friendship with Miss Van.

The show opens May 9 and will be on view until June 1. 

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