The recruiting dance between college football teams and talented athletes is kind of like junior prom. The team asks the popular athletes out, knowing that they have other offers from more attractive schools, but they ask a few backups out as well, so if the main attraction says no, the team won't end up alone. University of Georgia head coach Mark Richt plays the game a bit differently than other coaches, and his strategy involves amateur art.

To go the extra mile to show players how badly he wants them on his roster, Coach Richt draws portraits of them wearing their current jersey on one side, and the Georgia jersey on the other, with messages like, "You look great in red and black. Go Dawgs!"

Is it just us, or is this very thirsty? It would have been a cute gesture if Richt had a child make the art, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Whatever happened to illegally promising players fancy cars? This should not be acceptable football behavior...lacrosse, maybe.

[via CBSSports]