Of all of my first world problems (and trust me, there are dozens), selfie convenience isn't really one of them. My skills, as I've demonstrated, are pretty top notch, using the phone itself as an accessory to the photo rather than a roadblock in its glorified path. But apparently some of you strug lords out here are in need of this new Bluetooth selfie remote, which is basically the modern equivalent of the timer that your parents had on their Canon digicam back in '02. God, those things were fucking annoying. Everyone would just yell at each other because your dad forgot to tell you how long the timer was set for, so everyone ended up just looking like an asshole with a shit-eating grin for 10+ seconds. Just know that even with this remote you will still look like an asshole taking selfies. It's also a super awesome way to get your phone jacked if you're dumb enough to use this in a public place. Basically, the only cool way to use this is if you're a super hot girl taking noods, in which case, knock yourself out, babe.