Diesel is trying something new under the artistic direction of Nicola Formichetti. A year has passed since taking his position at the label, and he’s ready to present his first collection in a new way. The event this Thursday will be presented to an audience of 300, and will be promoted through Twitter. 

"We want to offer an experience people can remember, and we are looking at creating an event outside the established fashion weeks in Paris, Milan or New York - which are already chock-full of shows," said Formichetti.

Guest tweeters will include bloggers and editors like Suzie Bubble and Vogue Italia’s Franca Sozzani. Live streaming of shows has been a norm for some time now, but this is more interactive. Followers can send tweets to the high profile guests during the Thursday show for live question-and-answer sessions. 

Make sure to follow Diesel’s Twitter page and the hashtag #dieselvenice to keep up with what’s going on.

[via WWD]