D'emploi just transported their Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook over. Featuring more waxed canvas and dobby cloth and natural leathers, the collection is perfect for lounging on the beach with your boo. I'm all about lounging on beaches because you get to bring mad tote bags and peep your boo in a bathing suit. The downside is you will get sand in your favorite tote bag and your boo has to peep you in a bathing suit. Here are a few keys to the perfect summer beach getaway: 1. Most definitely snap a pic of your girl wearing some short shorts or that cool one piece she thinks Nicki Minaj might wear. 2. Most definitely bring booze and weed in your cool D'emploi backpack or tote. 3. Do not Instagram a pic of your feet and the large body of water you are lounging in front of. 4. Bring a dope blanket/towel. If you do not have a dope blanket and/or towel to artfully place that Susan Sontag book on, you probably were never really at a beach and just some peasant ass public pool.