Hey, did you guys know there's this cultural subset known as "sneakerheads"? Like, there are these folks that spend their entire lives waiting in crazy long lines and spending hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on sneakers? ME NEITHER. Thankfully, Refinery 29 profiled a few NYC-based, high-profile sneakerheads and even gave us a peek into their sneaker lairs. I'm calling them "lairs" simply based on that fact that really avid sneakerheads remind me of Golem. And I feel like Golem lived in a lair probably not all that different from a 600 sq. ft. apartment where the closet also serves as the bathroom. Anyways, head on over to Refinery 29 just to comment some shit in the same vein as: "IT’S BEEN LIKE THIS FOR A MINUTE, REFINERY 29." The real takeaway from this piece? Everyone in Manhattan eventually moves to, like, Brooklyn or Hoboken for more room and truly functional storage space. KEEP THAT IN MIND, YOU SNOBBY NEW YORKERS. YOUR FUTURE ENTAILS NEW JERSEY AND WALK-IN CLOSETS. MAKE OF THAT WHAT YOU WILL.