It's been a minute since British land artist Richard Long had anything on view at Lisson Gallery, where the artist began his career in the 1970s. Long, who's something of a legend and badass, was nominated for the Turner Prize Award four times, supposedly turned down the award once, and eventually won in 1989. The dude creates sculptures during literal walks in the park in places like England and Switzerland, and even during epic expeditions to remote places like the Driscoll Glacier in Antarctica. His grand gestures show his commitment to exploring nature and the uninhabited corners of the world.

On May 23, Long will open an exhibition of works at Lisson Gallery, his first time showing at the London exhibition space in over 30 years. There, you'll find an image of Long's solitary, red tent in the middle of the Antarctic landscape from his trip in 2012. While there's obviously no way Long can bring any of his past land sculptures into the gallery, he'll be creating new works directly inside Lisson Gallery. 

The show opens May 23 and will be on view until July 12.

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