In an art and technology exhibition at Silicon Vallery Contemporary, The Hole will present the works by KATSU that were painted using modified drone aircrafts. KATSU became interested in the technology as a possible way to create illegal graffiti. Through experimentation, the artist was able to develop the hardware and software needed to control the drone via joystick and have it successfully hold and spray paint onto a canvas, creating a "collaborative relationship wtih the technology as opposed to merely employing it as a tool."

The resulting artwork is described as "semi-controlled chaos," as the artist can't counteract the drones propellers or the bobbing from its gyroscope while it balances in midair. In describing the project and the artwork, The Hole wrote that, "in spirit the works are very much part of a tendency in emerging art to engage with process driven abstraction, however in these works, the artist is not seeking to shirk responsibility by turning the composition over only to process, rather he is creating new opportunities of engagement, and their resulting difficulties and restrictions, through a challenging and pioneering process."

KATSU's Drone Paintings  are on view now through April 13. For more info, head to The Hole

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