Whether you hate 'em or love 'em, Supreme is probably the most important streetwear label to exist over the past 20 years (sorry, Bape stans). Through careful attention to detail, authentic street-inspired roots and, sure, a heavy dose of luck, Supreme is probably the only brand around today that is actually deserving of their "cult-like" descriptor. No other brand can trigger the type of emotional response that Supreme can, mostly because no one is as super fucking cool as Supreme. From the quality of their designs, to their high-profile collaborations, Supreme has not only survived, but thrived during its 20 years because of their untouchable reputation, a topic we here at Four Pins have discussed at length. So, on their 20th anniversary, as we reflect on their past, and speculate on their future, what can we learn about being cool from the brand that seems to do it so effortlessly?