Personal style is all about expressing your individual taste and an aesthetic that you have honed to the point of being proud enough to show off to the world blah blah blah. When you're pulling a shirt over your head, chances are you're hoping that a girl you're crushing on will take notice and appreciate your style. It might be tough to admit that a large portion of your wardrobe choices hinge on trying to impress others, but come on. Please suspend these lies for a minute.

Instead of taking wild guesses, or going through trial and error, we went straight to the source ourselves. Since we all wonder this every single day, it's only right that we get some honest answers as we slowly make our way into spring. We hit up a bunch of accomplished, smart, strong, gorgeous ladies and straight-up asked them to fill us in on 18 Things Beautiful Women Want to See Guys Wearing This Spring. Consider this your cheat sheet on what to rock right now.

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