It's been freezing for far too long, and it's about to get colder. This means your wardrobe, limited as it already is, will be even further augmented. Soon, you'll be wearing whatever clean layers you haven't rocked in a couple days, and your down coat. Weak.

Since the persisting cold is presumably driving you up the wall, here's a piece from Japanese brand Uniform Experiment to help move forward with spring in mind - the Sleeve Panel Mods Coat, which just dropped at Haven. This jacket, a part of Uniform Experiment's U.E. Navy line, has been completely redone since its first release last year. Water-repellent cotton and nylon grosgrain, a snorkel hood and a storm strap provide lighter, updated construction. The stars and patch on either arms give a military feel that metes out the heavy sportswear vibes. 

Here's more of Uniform Experiment's line.

[via Haven]