The Wall Street Journal, my first source for all things fashion, reports that the US Military is exploring options for 100% made in the USA sneakers for the troops. According to the Berry Amendment, a 1941 piece of legislation, the military is bound to using American manufacturers for uniforms, boots and various other apparel. Granted, they can make an exception when the items required simply cannot be manufactured domestically. Historically, recruits and enlisted personnel are allowed to purchase whatever sneakers fit them the best, to ensure they can withstand the rigors of long runs and training, but American sneaker and boot companies are currently lobbying the government to ensure that they can provide all the fits and models required by our country's armed forces. While it seems that military contracts won't lead to a renaissance of American shoe manufacturing, it could help keep New Balance churning out sneakers for more than just narc dads and sneakerheads. Fingers crossed. I mean, we do have a post quota up in this bitch.