Although Daniel Arnold refers to himself as a "business idiot," the Brooklyn-based photographer recently made big money last week—$15 thousand, to be exact. What's more astonishing is the fact that Arnold, who started off with only $90.03 in his bank account, was able to acquire thousands in a matter of a day all thanks to his band of 22 thousand loyal followers on Instagram.

Though he enjoys wandering the city, in search of interesting subjects, Arnold doesn't make very much as a freelance photographer. In fact, last week on the eve of his 34th birthday, he didn't even have enough to pay rent. That's when Arnold came up with the idea to sell images from his collection of over 1,300 Instagram photos for $150 each

After a day, he'd locked down $15 thousand worth of orders and acquired $5,000, with one eager buyer offering Arnold $1,000 up front for any print with over 1,000 likes. Not only has Arnold now raked in some serious cash, his following has also rocketed to 36 thousand, too. Click through to see some of Arnold's highly sought after images.

[via Hypebeast]

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