Teen Vogue just published their newest "OOTD" video, which, to be honest, we normally wouldn't give two shits about. But this time around, the publication decided to teach young girls how to rock the "menswear" look, so now they're all up in our business. They tapped Gabby Sabharwall, designer of the swimwear label Giego, to talk us through her maleware-inspired alphet. She certainly looks great, but—I don't know—is it just me or is literally nothing homegirl is wearing even a little bit menswear? GABBY, YOU ARE ROCKING A CELINE TRIO BAG AND CHANEL SHOES. CHANEL DOESN'T EVEN MAKE MEN'S CLOTHING SMFH. Where are the rare hemlines? The graphic print long sleeve tees? The Jordans? The dad jeans? Anything? Plus, I haven't seen a dude wear overalls since the last time I walked by the RRL Store, and those shits were on a mannequin so it doesn't really count.

I also really dig how Gabby here said she loves menswear because, "Men always look really pulled together, but it looks very effortless." Awwww, it looks like someone just found out what Pitti Uomo is. Other highlights include how effortlessly she says she "invests" in a new bag and new shoes every season. Well played.

The real issue here is that fashion publications continue to talk about women wearing men's shit and men wearing women's shit. Give it a rest, folks. Why can't girls just wear clothes that look dope regardless of which gender they're explicitly made for for? Isn't that real progress? I CAN'T EVEN BUY A T-SHIRT THESE DAYS UNLESS IT GOES HALFWAY DOWN MY THIGH. Can't I do that in peace without it being a story? Going out in public is embarrassing enough. Let it go.

I guess, in some ways, it's good that Teen Vogue is encouraging young women to branch outside of their comfort zone and try to wear new things, but if you're going to tell girls to wear men's clothing, then at least, you know, do that. Don't half ass it by showing off a woman in what are unquestionably women's garments and try to pass it off as something new. That's pointless.