First off, huge, gigantic, fat shouts to Nomad for actually making interesting Engineered Garments buys. ALL YOU OTHER STORES THAT JUST BUY WORK SHIRTS, TWO BEDFORD JACKETS AND, INEXPLICABLY, BOW TIES, CAN GET ALL THE WAY THE FUCK OUTTA HERE FOREVER. See, if you're blessed enough to have an EG account, you gotta take advantage of that shit and stock ridiculous long shirts, aprons, half vest bib things and full-zip, short flight suits. How does one wear something like this? FIGURE IT OUT, YA FUCKING HERB. Daiki been had spit bars on record, talking about how he likes to design clothing that is hard to figure out how to wear. He wants you to work it out—to develop your own idiosyncratic relationship with the brand. Me? I'd wear a rare hemline over this and look like I'm just wearing two shirts and a pair of shorts. But all my fashion friends would be like, "WOAH, YOU COPPED THE JUMPSUIT? FLEX." Then I'd really be feeling my influence, until, of course, I had to take a shit. Despite all of our technical advancements as humans, science has yet to solve the age-old quandary of pooping in a jumpsuit.