With the eastern section of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge scheduled to be demolished, plans have been made to recycle the scrap metal for various projects, including the construction of a community building with an Airbnb apartment.

Tech entrepreneur David Grieshaber developed the Bay Bridge House Project, which he describes as a "celebration of the bridge, everyone who worked on it, died on it and the organisations that run it." The proposed community house project will use a section of old bridge to create a 100% eco-sustainable building. "We added in the Airbnb idea, meaning you can stay in the old bridge and look at the new one, and decided to add 11,000 square feet of multi-use space that anyone can hire or use. On the inside there will be an augmented reality overlay on the glass windows so you can visualise how the bridge used to be," Grieshaber said in a story posted by the Guardian

Images via Bay Bridge House Project

The plans aren't finalized yet because of what Grieshaber says is a "bureaucratic nightmare" dealing with the organizations that own the bridge, as well as dealing with issues of contamination from the old lead paint that currently covers the structure. For more information on the project and to track the progress, visit the BayBridgeHouse.org.

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[via Guardian]