Nineteenth Letter Chicago has immortalized what are likely the most historic words ever spoken. We're talking, of course, about the phrase delivered by one of the wisest men with the last name Povich: "you are not the father."

You probably raced home after school everyday to catch Maury at 4 p.m. as a kid. And yes, you watched unruly young girls get yelled at by prisoners and ugly duckling-turned-fine women strut down a cardboard runway, but the real purpose of the Maury show was to reveal the parenthood of babies born to exceedingly unlucky families.

Nineteenth Letter Chicago recognizes the deep, rich, American tradition that is the Maury show. The Illinois-based brand just released a new piece from its fall 2014 line - The Paternity Test tee. This black shirt features "You Are The Father" in pixelated block lettering and Maury's leering face on the front. 

Pick up this tee here, and see more here.

[via Nineteenth Letter]