Located deep in the Sabie Sand Reserve in South Africa, the Lion Sands Game Reserve offers adventurous tourists ample opportunity to get in touch with their wild sides.

In 1933, the reserve land was purchased by Guy Aubrey Chalkley, an American entrepreneur and an avid hunter, as a vacation destination for him and his family. The land remained in the family for generations until Chalkley's granddaughter’s husband, John More, in honor of Chalkley’s passion for nature and wildlife, sought to turn the property into an animal reservation that the public could enjoy. Eventually, the reserve became home to a stunning resort tucked away into a largely untouched landscape.

The Lion Sands Game Reserve provides a number of different accommodations that can satisfy thrill seekers of all types: they range from traditional cabins to suspended treehouses. Each abode is constructed using wood, steel, and glass. The dwellings are illuminated at night using oil lamps. This rugged aesthetic is offset by the splendor and comfort of the interior—a perfect blending of adventure and security. The Reserve offers tourists the opportunity to get a glimpse of African wildlife on their expertly guided safaris.

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