Evidently, this Chapman holdall is based on British paratrooper drop bags. In WWII, paratroopers strapped a bag to their leg and used it to carry their Sten gun and ammunition, which is fucking crazy. It's just as crazy that a bag inspired by such gnarly heroics will be used to carry around extremely overpriced and fragile clothing and grooming products. But peep that storm flap though. So ill, right? Bonus points for the fact that you can carry this bag three ways: by hand, over the shoulder or like a giant backpack. Although, if you think about it, the whole "can be carried three ways" sales point is kind of a crock of shit. I mean, you can always carry any bag a bunch of ways. Take a tote for example: it can be held in one's hand, slung over the shoulder like a sus man purse, or forgotten under a bistro table.