According to a recent story by Newsweek, the demand for hyperrealistic, 3D tattoos has increased over the past year. The relatively new practice is one that not every artist can do, so the ones who can find themselves with waiting lists that stretch for several months. Artists like Paul Booth, Nikko Hurtado, and Stefano Alcantara are considered masters and are able to ink the most incredible images onto their clients' bodies. 

Newsweek cites an increase in young tattoo artists with fine art degrees as one of the reasons the trend is growing. "Since the 1980s, there's been more MFA graduates than at any other time in history, and certainly the MFA graduates can't all be absorbed into the art system," says Mary Kosut of the Media, Society and the Arts department at SUNY Purchase. "So they've learned all the techniques of artmaking and modernist theories behind how to make art - that it should progress, and push in a new direction. All that has migrated into the tattoo work." Beyond the artists with fresh new skills, the realism of the tattoos are just cool looking, so of course people would want it on their skin forever.

How do your tattoos compare to the ones shown above?

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