Though Cutie and the Boxer marked Heinzerling’s directorial debut, his ability to translate the artistic process to the big screen gained him some big-name fans. Beyoncé among them.

As a follow-up to Cutie and the Boxer he was hired to direct the series of mini-documentaries released with Queen Bey’s surprise December iTunes release.I worked with the producer, Carly Hugo, a long time ago, as an assistant editor on a film that she made, and she ended up producing one of Beyoncé's music videos,” Heinzerling told Spin of how he landed the enviable gig. “She was tasked with finding someone to make these videos that would announce the launch of the album and sort of explain what it was all about because Beyoncé wasn't doing any press. Carly showed [Beyoncé's team at Parkwood] Cutie and they were interested in me, I think, because it was a different kind of documentary and a different way of looking at artists."