John Elliott aka Cashmoney Rushmore aka Lord Disick's Cotton Consigliere just dropped a brand spanking new grip of sweatpants and sweatshorts to body your springtime butt. While his Escobar sweats have been his eponymous collection's runaway favorite, the Lima sweatpants might even be tighter. And we don't mean in terms of the fit because, to be honest, the Escobars are probably the slimmest sweatpants in the whole fucking game already (which, yes, is a good thing). The Lima sweatpants are colorblocked below the knee, which kind of makes it look like you're wearing contrasting tights under long ass sweatshorts (sweatcapris?), something that is awesome in theory, but would actually just give you hella nasty Charles Barkley swamp ass. Finally, there are the Cyprus shorts because you need something to wear during the summer once it's too hot to rock your Lima's, but when your hindquarters still crave that sweet, sweet J.E. nectar.