Enter the rabbit hole known as Reddit, and you will lose an entire day browsing around the many different forums. It’s a place where many curious folks get their answers to the meaning of life and even fashion. After an amazing Reddit AMA Will Ferrell hit up sub-Reddit “Male Fashion Advice” and posted a WIWT (What I Wore Today) selfie and posing the necessary question below:

"What do you guys think of my outfit? I'm wearing an aquadry waterproof jacket (a gift from when I did Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls) and, of course, complimenting that is a classic chupacabra t-shirt. Faded Levi 501's and red suede Pumas clyde edition." 

There are over 700 responses ranging from advice on his “dadcore” style to questions about where people can find that sick Chupacabra T-shirt. Read some of them below and go to the Reddit forum for the rest:




[via PutThisOn]