This Our Legacy bomber is straight white lightning. Although, you have to be a very brave soul to wear such a pristine jacket. I mean, I chew with my mouth closed and everything, but if you get even a tiny drop of anything on this and your whole day is straight murdered. Dead. Dunzo. You could  literally spill a drop of coffee on this and EVERYONE would notice. You probably couldn’t lean up against walls with impunity anymore either. DOPE WHITE OUTFITS MAKE LOITERING, SO DIFFICULT. But it’s still fire and you should cop because I’m out here seeing a million lames wearing black and navy Ma-1s. Don’t brick it by association. Stand out from the crowd like those anti-drug commercials tell you to. However, definitely do drugs because, even if you don’t, if you show up to the spot wearing a coke white bomber everyone will be asking you if you want to hit some moguls.