Immediately after Mark McNairy's fall/winter 2014 show wrapped, of course anyone could talk about was the fact that Cam'ron and Juju had just made their runway modeling debut, with the Harlem native rocking a custom Harris Tweed and faux-fur lined cape that McNairy made for him. But true menswear heads quickly moved on from Killa Cam merking the runway and onto the gear, which stuck true to McNairy's mission of keeping menswear both humorous, badass, and always looking to find room to progress within a framework of classics.

The staples—suiting, outerwear, wools, tweeds, herringbones—were all there, but nearly every single item had a detail or twist that separated it from its counterparts. Whether an obvious marker that let it be known loud and clear how few fucks Mark gave about pre-conceived notions, or a clever twist that exists in the details, McNairy's consistency to wink and nudge and/or slap you upside the head is what keeps his fans on their toes and coming back for more.