Word on the street is it's Fashion Week in New York City. And while people who actually work in fashion are sitting in the front rows, you and I are here, in our rightful place, reading about the shit on the Internet. In the olden days, you could flip through a few runway slideshows, read some concise Tim Blanks recaps and pretty much get the gist of everything. Now, those who have weaseled their way into writing about fashion for money actually want us to think. They want us to consider, for roughly the 300th time, the adverse affects of bloggers sitting next to legitimate editors. Just let it be the superfluous spectacle of art and commerce it is supposed to be, we cry. Unfortunately, it is my job to pay attention to the fashions, and you're here reading, so you must be a slave to the cycle too. Come then, let's trudge together through the blizzard of shit that is the corny NYFW articles you’re bound to encounter this week.

Angelo Spagnolo is a writer living in Portland, Oregon. Read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.