Have you copped a pair of trousers with ribbed cuffs yet? My old Chinese relatives fuck with these heavy. Like, if you don't have a pair of blue cuffed pants and cheap red plastic bags full of dim sum leftovers you ain't really real. My old Chinese relatives also always tell me I don't look that Chinese, but I walk like an old Chinese man. Then they laugh and tell me I've gained weight since I last saw them. I can already tell the tight-baggy pant is about to become the new long shirt. Copywriters are still struggling with the descriptions and I feel them. "Tight-baggy" isn't a term a legit critic Cathy Horyn or Caramanica would use, but guess what? You're just trying to get Bryan from Seattle to cop some expensive Chinese grandma pants. And all Brian needs to hear is "tight-baggy" and the credit card his parents gave him for "emergencies only" will take care of the rest.