New Yorkers who were brave enough to step outside their apartments this week may have glimpsed the latest Ben Eine mural on 325 West Broadway, a former chocolate factory in the process of being converted into a condo building. Real estate company DDG commissioned Eine to deck the scaffolding of the Soho factory with his signature block letters (though this isn't the first time DDG has enlisted a prolific artist's help in adorning construction sites). 

Best known for spray painting the entire alphabet onto the shop shutters of a street in London, street artist Eine painted the scaffolding of the Soho building bright orange and incorporated a pair of rosebuds and the words "THAT's ENTERTAINMENT.ISH" in purple. Needless to say, Eine's finished product did not disappoint. 

There's more good news. Eine has just opened "Heartfelt," his first solo exhibition in New York City at the Judith Charles Gallery. He'll also be doing more murals throughout the city as well, so keep your eyes peeled. In the meanwhile, you can watch this video documenting Eine's latest piece below:

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[via Curbed]