As expected, people have been showing up in mobs to sit in a room with Shia LaBeouf during his #IAMSORRY performance art piece at The Cohen Gallery in Los Angeles. A lot of people were skeptical that LaBeouf, a pretty famous actor despite his claims otherwise, would sit alone in a room and invite total strangers in so that he could "apologize" to them.

Hal Rudnick of Screen Junkies decided to take a camera into the room with him to see what the experience was like, if it was actually LaBeouf in the chair, and to ask the question we all want answered: Why? Rudnick is a bit of a character and he isn't afraid to let things get weirder. In the video below, he actually takes the bag off of LaBeouf's head and proceeds to ask him a series of very uncomfortable questions. He even shows the actor a clip of his former self in the Disney Channel show Even Stevens and asks what happened to him. (We skipped ahead a little, but you can backtrack the video if you want to see the set-up).

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