Everybody knows that Craigslist has just about anything that anyone could ever need. Whether you're looking for an engine for a 1992 Ford Taurus, a slightly used doormat, or a some surplus plastic sporks, there is someone on Craigslist awaiting your anonymous email. One of the many things you should not trust Craiglist for, however, is fine art. 

There are tons of great online platforms for art dealing, and none of them include job listings, haiku forums, or casual encounters. The owner of this Mikhail Aleksandrov painting could not be bothered with those other fancy sites and decided to list his/her piece on the C-List for $88,000 (plus shipping and handling). In case you were wondering, Aleksandrov is a real painter and is referred to as "one of the most successful artists to have left the former Soviet Union," but we doubt he would want to see his work being sold this way. The painting is entitled Love and the only photo of it in the listing is one taken from the Internet, but the seller insists that it is in excellent condition. 

We're not sure if this is a scam because the artist seems a bit obscure. But then again, the strategy may have been to go for someone obscure so that the listing didn't seem like an obvious scam. Either way, we won't be adding this to our collection.

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[via Craigslist]