New York-based street artist JIM JOE will be concluding his first full solo exhibition "JANUARY 2014," at The Hole this Friday. Be sure to stop by the gallery to get a glimpse of the mysterious artist's exhibition, which has expanded in a line around the gallery walls every day since it first opened on Jan. 1. With art and graffiti dispersing throughout the gallery, perhaps "JANUARY 2014" is JIM JOE's way of combatting the norms of a traditional gallery. In any case, JIM JOE has long since proved nothing can restrain his art. In fact, JIM JOE is everywhere in New York if you look closely.

Though we don't know much about JIM JOE, besides the fact that he created an image for Kanye West's "Yeezus" iTunes banner, there is much to appreciate about this enigma of an artist, who spray paints urgent, thought-provoking words all over the streets of New York, and the concept behind his latest show. The Hole is celebrating the completion of JIM JOE's exhibition from 6-9 p.m. this Friday, so don't miss out.

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