Soulland and Playtype got together to make some marble sweatshirts for you guys. Marble is super luxurious. I remember on Cribs, all the real Gs had marble countertops—none of that granite bullshit. They also had impeccably organized refrigerators stocked with all the wrong junk food. If I could afford a house full of marble and flat screens and Japanese robo toilets, then my fridge would be full of Velociraptor nuggets and luxe yogurts and Gorilla Munch cereal because it is delicious. But since none of us can afford the refrigerator of our dreams, let’s just buy 135 Euro sweatshirts. Because buying stuff to fill the emptiness inside you is way less destructive than eating your feelings. I MEAN, I DO BOTH, SO I'M FAT AND BROKE AKA AMERICAN.