Chances are, your child doesn't know Dior from Playskool. But you do. And if you're going to clean the kids up for a second cousin's aunt's wedding, might as well make them some fitted out-ass four-year-olds.

Borrow Mini Couture offers designer clothing rental services for children, so you don't have to throw down hella money on a piece of formal wear.

Here's how it works: browse through the various photos of kids posing (creepily) online, choose a fit, then order. The company will send over the piece, your child wears it, fucks it up with some grass stains and jam, then you send it back in the envelope provided. Stella McCartney clothing that would usually put you back around $200 are available for $63. So now you don't have to gaze into the window at Small Change on Lex wondering how the hell you're going to get your child's schmutzy arms into a Moncler coat without emptying the entire cashbox. 

More at Borrow Mini Couture.

[via Good Morning America]