Nanamica makes these loopwheel jersey tees from CoolMax cotton. FUCK OUTTA HERE! THAT SHIT WAS EXCLUSIVELY USED IN, LIKE, KNEE PADS THAT LAME KIDS WHO LISTENED TO THEIR PARENTS WORE AT THE SKATE PARK. I guess these are for the brolic fashion dude set who really want to wear Under Armour T-shirts in real life, but know just how utterly swagless that would be. WE MUST PROTECT THIS HOUSE. I remember when I went to Japan, I was trying to justify buying this expensive ass Champion sweatsuit outfit by telling my cousin it was loopwheeled and shit and then the salesgirl was like, "No. Not loopwheled." And just like that my whole influencer status got called into question and I could tell my cousin was losing respect for me.