Hot on the heels of the unveiling of A.P.C. KANYE F/W 14 as well as their main collection, A.P.C. has just released their newest collaboration with children's clothing retailer Bonton. So, if you're a rich ass parent who made the mistake of having a spoiled child that actually gives a shit about what they're wearing, then this is the collection for YOU. Plus, there's a Nike collaboration that hasn't been (and maybe never will be) released in adult sizes, so now's your chance to use your brood as the ultimate flexing accessory.

When you dig deeper into the background of all this, you'll find that it was actually designed to be the school uniforms for the creativity-focused school A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou started in Paris called Atelier de la Petite Enfance (yeah, A.P.E.). In fact, the girl with the brown hair in the photo above is Jean's 9-year-old daughter Lilly. So, yeah, just a ton of fucking flexing all over the place, really—typical Touitou behavior. It's hard to say whether or not kids will actually wear raw denim, but I wouldn't expect to find your first grader's New Standards in the freezer next to their favorite chicken nuggets any time soon.