Fine artist Jay West is a rising star with strong hip-hop roots. Road to Success, the series chronicling his journey to Art Basel Miami Beach, has proven that Jay not only has a genuine artistic gift, but a unique degree of street cred in his world. Jay’s one-of-a-kind pop art sensibility was on display during the week of Art Basel, when he had no fewer than five separate exhibits of his work.

For an artist in demand, Art Basel is a constant hustle; and for Jay West that meant intense preparation, working closely with his management team, and sticking to the script. His last-minute duties included touching up pieces prior to their exhibition. In one case that meant adding an image of the constellation Sagittarius to a painting that quickly became an audience favorite.

While the exposure of Art Basel is great for Jay, the goal of the event was still to find buyers for his pieces. He says his paintings are like his children, and as such, it is very important to ensure that the right buyer is taking home the right work of art. Jay’s family of pieces will continue to grow this coming year, when he plans to work more in sculpture and other 3D media.

To watch the final episode of Road to Success, click the video above.