During a visit to Copenhagen, Bitchslap Magazine caught up with HUF founder Keith Hufnagel to chat about skateboarding (of course) and the direction of his brand. 

Already a decorated and celebrated skater, Hufnagel told Bitchslap that he formed HUF back in the day to make sure he had other options available if his skating career didn't pan out.

"Skateboarding's awesome," Hufnagel said. "But I was doing it so much that I wanted something else to challenge my mind, and I wanted something that I could fall back on after skating."

Twenty-two years later—throw in a couple crazy collaborations with celebs and other brands—and HUF has become a bonafide streetwear staple that has transcended the skate scene. So, in retrospect, it's pretty obvious that Hufnagel made the right decision, and there are plenty of fans around the world who are glad he did.

Check out the interview above.

[via Bitchslap Magazine]