AYO was 2014 gonna be your year? The year you got that freelance retrospective on the style of some racist actor from the '60s work up in GQ? FUCK THAT NOISE, SON. IT'S ONLY THE 2ND AND THIS DUDE'S "PROJECT" ALREADY CAME THROUGH AND CRUSHED YOUR DREAMS AND ALL HE DID WAS WALK INTO THE GAP AND PLAY DRESS UP WITH A BUNCH OF DOUCHEY MANNEQUINS. Do you guys think Gap employees get super bummed when they see this guy stroll by? Like, "Fuck you, guy. I don’t need you reminding me that I work at a store that is designed almost exclusively for overbearing significant others to buy their spouse dad khakis." Quick, someone do this same shit at Dover Street Market. Instagrams looking like some lifeless, fucked up Comme des Garcons Edward Scissorhands.