If there’s one thing Game of Thrones has taught us, it’s that winter has indeed been coming, and after a couple flirtations with meteorological jizzbombs, an actual White Walker of a blizzard has done gone and beset us. Behind us are the days of our youth, when ten inches of snow meant a day off from school and, instead, a day spent frolicking amongst the flurries. Now, it means firing up the ol' laptop and working from home, while you’re trapped in your apartment. Still, a snow day can still be sort of fun in a novel type way and it's as good of an excuse as any to trick your bosses into giving you paid vacation. So, my chilly, dear friends, read on for this handy-dandy guide to making the most out of your adult snow day. Enjoy it because by the time you've finished reading this we’ll all be dead.

Drew Millard wrote this while drinking sake on a Suzuki in Osaka Bay. You can read more of his work over at Noisey and follow him on Twitter here.