At the helm of the burgeoning streetwear brand dubbed after your least favorite vegetables is Anwar Carrots, the co-founder/creative director of Peas & Carrots International. Last year, the L.A.-based brand set up shop on Fairfax—next door to Odd Future's Golf Wang, The Hundreds, and Supreme. Carrots' positive mantras "live and grow," or "live and learn", have also helped the label find success overseas. Things are only looking up for Carrots and his brand. 

XXL recently caught up with the young leader in style to chat about the L.A. streetwear scene, why he wants to collaborate with Ice Cream and what he would do if it came into fruition, and (maybe) working with his mom. 

According to Carrots, the L.A. streetwear scene is all about "a new generation of wave coming right now." He gives a quick shoutout to a few of his favorite brands in the city, specifically Tyler, the Creator's line Golf, Phreshcru, and Dertbag. 

When asked if there were any brands he looks up to, Carrots named Pharrell's Ice Cream, saying that "it's a lifestyle brand" that's the "total opposite" of Peas & Carrots. Perhaps referencing to Ice Cream's name and the moniker of his own brand, he says that it's "like mixing angels food and devils food", adding that Peas & Carrots is a "lifestyle brand that focuses on things that are good for you, Ice Cream is a skate brand that is by Pharrell that food-wise isn't the best for you." So what would the collab look like if it were to come true? Apparently, much like Crate and Barrel's products, or as Carrot says, "Martha Stewart meets Migos." 

A collab with Ice Cream would be dope. But it looks like a partnership with the streetwear brand is not the only one in Carrots' mind. He says he "can picture" working with his mom, who owns a jewelry line. "Jewelry from Peas & Carrots would be awesome!" he said. 

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[via XXL]