The most famous beard on earth shouldn't get just any shave.

But then again, neither should yours.

That's the idea behind The Art of Shaving's new Royal Shave service and Refined Man Home Care Kit. For its new Christmastime campaign, the company released a video in which Santa Claus climbs into a studded leather chair and receives the Royal treatment.

Dudes who visit any of Art of Shaving's many locations nationwide can get like the North Pole resident - for $55, you'll start with a hot towel, face massage, twice straight-razor shave, then finish with a mask and Hydrosol Rose Water, plus aftershave. The Refined Man kit offers all the essentials, including Pre-Shave Gel and a Badger Hair Shaving brush - cop this for the foolish friend who considers shaving a chore and change his mind.

Watch Santa get cleaned up, then head to the Art of Shaving's site to find a location close by so you can too.

[via The Art of Shaving]