I don't know what kind of turbo Kanye West was on last night, but I want some. After performing a 2 hour set at a packed Air Canada Arena in Toronto, Yeezus met up with hometown hero Drake at a club to, as it turns out, listen to some more of his music. Personally, I'd think that after playing "Blood On The Leaves" every night for 2 months straight, one might want to switch it up a little, but I don't know, fuck it? I was exhausted after just watching the Yeezus Tour, so props to Ye for having enough energy (drugs) to turn up.

Not to be outdone by even himself, Kanye even made the incredible decision to hang from the ceiling because Grey Goose. Prior to this act of #WorstBehavior, Kanye removed the red Nomad x Been Trill T-shirt he had been wearing to reveal that—yes—he was wearing his own tour merch. So, to recap, we've got Yeezus, in his own gear, listening to his own songs after performing his own concert. All of these things combined to create easily one of the top 5 Instagram videos of the year, even if the #1 spot will forever belong to the gawd Scott Storch. In what was already a banner year for Kanye, he just proved once and for all that he is indeed the biggest rock star in the world right now.