Mildew shouldn’t be the only other living thing in your house. You may not have a backyard garden to tend or public roof access to display your potted projects, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fake a green thumb to your guests. Don’t let your friends fool you. Having a plant is not like having a pet. Plants don’t smell quite as bad, and overall they’re much less judgmental. One of the easiest plants to grow indoors is the trusty aloe vera. And why not take care of a plant that takes care of you back? This bold, fierce-looking succulent looks and feels kind of like a cactus and it needs very little watering or fertilizing. In the wintertime, it requires even less care, as long as it stays in a warm and sunny spot on your sill. Besides improving air quality in your house, aloe is most famous for healing cuts, burns, and bug bites. Just break open a shoot, spread the gel on your skin, and watch Mother Nature come to your rescue.