Thom Browne, who's become known for his shrunken grey suits, is launching a new line next fall, reports WWD. The line, simply called "Thom Browne", will include similar items—suits, shirts, coats—but with "slightly less extreme" proportions than what can be seen in the runway collection, Thom Browne New York. As WWD points out: "Jackets will be more classic, a bit longer and the lapels will be slightly wider. Trouser length will be hemmed to the shoe with no break."

According to Browne, the new line will be for those who already like his design aesthetic but perhaps want more "classic proportion and fit" and who "appreciate classic, well-made clothing." He said he wants it to be "approachable" and expects it to "reach more people."

The collection will include two styles of suits that start at $2,200, a ball-collar and chesterfield overcoats priced at $2,800 and up, and shirts that start at $350. The fabrics used will be "classic American" and "masculine", and will include step twill, wool flannel, and worsted wool. It will also offer a made-to-measure service for clients. 

Browne has confirmed that the line will be sold in high-end stores. But he says he doesn't want it to be carried on the "fashion floor", where Thom Browne New York is generally stocked. He hasn't said which stores specifically will have the line on-hand, but that he's targeting retailers that "appreciate tailored clothing and can handle that price point. It's not mass"—the latter perhaps a reflection of his strong distate for the line being considered "commercial." 

"...The word [commercial] has negative connotations," he told WWD. "It will still have the same quality as my collection, but it will broaden the business." 

All in all, this is great news for everyone who appreciate's Browne's designs but would also like those wider lapels and longer trousers. 

Look out for the new Thom Browne line next fall. 

[via WWD]